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We bring you the 10 best rated mobile spy apps for that are available out there. With this guide It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.
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If you're looking for a real best mobile spy app, SpyStealth is the one for you. With support for latest operating system versions to a live web panel, there's so much you can spy using this app on your devices.

Download SpyStealth from here. XNSPY is a known name in the spyware industry as it lets you keep track on your friends, families, and employees right from your own device. The app boasts some of the greatest tracking tools and it is an all-in-one tracking solution for your all your tracking needs.

Spyzie is more of a parental control app than a tracking app as it lets you have more control over what your kids do on their smartphones. It helps block apps, schedule restriction, keep track of the location using GPS, and so on. The market is just full of mobile phone spy apps and our post above will certainly narrow down your list of tracking apps. If you're looking for something that satisfies all your needs, Spyera is the one to go for. Mobile Tracker. Spyera Recommended Spyera is one of the best spyware apps available out there for almost all device users. Top Features of Spyera You can remotely monitor the activities happening on your devices.

It has more features than any other spy app in the market. It has a modern and easy to use web control panel to control features. Supports almost all the platforms. Cell Tracker Cell Tracker is a free mobile spying app that allows you to track the location of your device or any other device where the application is installed. Call tracker allows you to track all the calls that you receive and make on your device.

SMS log keeps a log of all the messages that you receive and send from your device. It has a backup feature that helps you create backups of your tracked logs.

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Price: Free Download Cell Tracker from here. Top Features of TheTruthSpy: The parental control feature that allows you to keep control on what can be done on your device. GPS tracker that tracks the location of the device and informs you of the same. You can monitor the Internet activities happening on the device using the app.

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You can also track the usage of various apps on the device. Key logger logs all the keys that have been pressed on your device. You can view notes contents on the web panel. FreeAndroidSpy FreeAndroidSpy is an free and undetectable mobile spy app that lets you spy on every Android device you want as long as you are able to install the app on the device. Top Features of FreeAndroidSpy: Location tracking - it enables you to track the location of the device. Access media files - you can view both photos and videos on the device. Access contacts - you can view the address book on the device.

Device system info - you can find out much more info about the device than you currently know. WhatsApp tracker - it tracks the WhatsApp activities on your device.

5 apps for spying on your spouse

Remote commands - you can send commands using SMS. Call tracking, GPS tracking, and 25 such other features. Works on both Android and iOS-based devices. It installs quickly and is easy to use. TopSpy TopSpy is one of the best spy mobile app for both personal and professional uses. Spy on emails and track locations of the device using GPS. Android mobile spy apps are easier to install. For most spy apps, a simple root of your Android device is enough. If you cannot do that, we suggest mSpy. Many advanced mobile spy features are exclusive to Android.

Android puts fewer restrictions on apps. The answer here is straightforward. If you own a particular device, you are allowed to install whatever you want on it. Specific uses of spyware could be illegal such as actual spying. We advise you to always observe the laws of your state or nation when it comes to using spy software. Top Spying Apps. The Best Spy Apps Spy apps are becoming increasingly important. On this site, you will find reviews of the best mobile spy apps.

No Jailbreak : Track virtually everything about the device with or without jailbreak. The latter requires your Apple ID. You will discover what your employee or child is inserting into instant messenger apps, SMS, browsers, and many more. Phone tracking: Keep track of all phone calls made with the device, list contacts, call logs, and call durations.

Geo-Fencing: Set up enter zones on google maps. Unlimited device change: Activate the app on another device once you deactivate it on the initial one.

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Refund policy: Get your money back within 30 days. Official website: flexispy. It will immediately allow you to make use of call interception and live call recording.

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Call interception and call recording: Listen to all calls as if you were on a conference call. Save the calls on the FlexiSPY servers for later reference. Listen to the conversations in the vicinity of your target device as if you were there. Take front and rear photos, record videos with exclusive Remcam. No other competitor has offered it yet. Official website: Qustodio. Its main features are: Blocking pornography and other unwanted content Monitoring time spent on various apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

Its best features include: Excellent Keylogger: Records every keystroke ever typed on the target device. It gives you information on every app used on the device, including login details. Take Screenshots: Automatically takes screenshots of what your target device is up to. What is better for spy software, Android, or iPhone? Is Spyware Legal? Knowledge Base How to find the owner of a phone number? Return to top of page.